I doubt I really have to explain this to anyone...
maybe to people on the other side of the world?

nope... Australia doesnt count... they even participated the last times (kinda honorary Europeans )

but if I really have to....


lemme be lazy today and just point u to the previous threads

ESC 2017

sooo.... and if anyone wants to know why I am posting this (and wasnt here last year... or the year before... or the year before.... yada yada yada)...

just imagine the following situation...

u r sitting (still believing in the innocence of the world) in front of your lappy or pc...
r nicely chatting with us on supz...
and someone tells u to open a certain link with a stream of a live show in it...

u open the link... and then u see this (nope, no preview here ... makes the fun bigger )


yepp... thaaat is ESC

lemme guess the chain of your reactions:

they cant be serious
what? no shit? they r serious about this?

and now imagine u r watching a live show via stream and have nearly the exact same reaction at each and every one of the ~20 songs

i can tell u: the best way to cope with this without is by sharing your opinions in supz (or by getting drunk... or doing both )

We had lots of fun together the last times

and the final is usually the most active day in shoutbox with tons and tons of shouts

So join us to the ESC week:

1. semifinal

Tuesday, May 8th

2. semifinal

Thursday, May 10th


Saturday, May 12th

all of them at 9 o`clock CEST

we will provide live stream links in shoutbox, so all of u who cant watch it on tv can still join us here

... and of course: feel free to post your favourite ESC-song here