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    Default Lynn Hagen first... now Laura Harner... Who's next? Plagiarism not going away, ladies and gentlemen.

    Another one bites the dust... or so they say. It's a sad thing because I'm reading the book and I like it.

    For those like myself that didn't know anything, it seems that mm author Laura Harner copied line by line a novel by a mf author, Becky McGraw. They say she's a best seller but I never heard about her until now.

    And like every time something like this happens... readers, reviewers, fellow authors and everyone you can think of want the plagiarist's blood . Too much , in my opinion.

    You can read here for more info: Donít Do This Ever (an advice column for writers): Plagiarism Warning edition. However, the worst part is that it looks like she has done this more than once Another book plagiarized by Laura Harner.

    By the way, if someone knows about other cases, you could write it here too.

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     Thanks for the Info Bad and DITO: who is this Becky McGraw?

    23:05, 24th Oct 2015

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     I don't know. But I doubt I will read any of her books anyway. :P You're welcome.

    05:31, 25th Oct 2015

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     well, we certainly shouldn't turn a blind eye on sth like that, but IMHO the witch hunt goes a bit too far, too it just makes me really sad that people can do things like that and it's not like she can't write on her own!

    19:51, 25th Oct 2015

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