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    Star (Non-MM) Original Story - Exception Of Rules - (Ongoing)

    So… erm…
    Why this thread? Well, I started writing this for a good friend whose bday it’s gonna sometime this year.

    This…. This whole thing started as a short project but unfortunately my plot was too big and now I have to spend a lot of time and writing fixing it.

    Also, I have to extend lot and lots of thanx to the most awesome helper in the world. Beta, editor and support ( you should see her comments… they are ) so… * raises a temple,worships,gives her the first born *
    Unfortunately, she wanted to be anonymous so the name won't be mentioned here.

    Another instigator for this was Ana, but I’m not gonna give u her profile link cause u all know her already. If you don’t… well consider yourself blessed or cursed. Pick one. ( and pick very carefully, it's a tricky decision )
    Nope, I didn't forget u

    Soooo…. I know I am the mother of repetition( and that soooo makes someone want to put my pretty neck in a hanger), this story is about an elven princess named Arwen… I know, so original no one else thought of this Oh, and it’s an mf as well since no one can convince Wen to read mm many have tried but all of them have failed. Try better guys, maybe one day this dream will come true.

    It’s about a world when elves ruled the MiddleEarth without constraint because they were the only race present there. For more details please read Tolkien – Silmarillion. You can find it following this nice and useful link . Go on, click it.

    Soooo.... another sooo, just for the heck of it and here goes nothing.

    It all started with a ....

    The darkness ran thick around the edges of the forest, deep grooves of shadows twisting around the branches. No other sound than the soft whispers could be heard among the lonely trees. It would’ve looked deserted but for the small figures huddled into each others, their breath almost visible into the cold air like small clouds of dying warmth.

    To see the moonlight deepening around the forest's shadow was more of a miracle than a simple thing, just waiting to be seen by awed eyes, just waiting to be adored. And for the first time since their eyelids opened, the light was there,and in its cold embrace, they found solace and the home they so desired above all.

    Shining stars, hanging from the sky like a waterfall of pure diamonds rose and fell in the same rhythm as their beating chest, creating a bond they will all have for the rest of this limitless time. They saw the strongest light of all and for their straining eyes it was brighter than the sun and warmer than a parents' embrace. They called it Elbereth and followed her light as an absolute guide in their new life.
    And so were the first moments of existence of those who will be called elves or First Born people.

    Days and nights danced around, seasons changed and went away and the elves built powerful cities where nature twist around snow white rocks like they were all friends. Powerful fortresses rose from the heights of the forest like gems of granite and found no solace in companionship because there was no other with whom the silence of the night could be shared, there was none with whom the joys of life could be nursed and lived. That.... until humans began to roam the Middle Earth. But that is a story for another time....

    For this is a story that took stage in a time when human kind barely opened their eyes and had yet to build villages and towns, and harvest the plentiful wheat that overtook the gentle plains. In those days, the rule of the elves was absolute. Their cities grazed the horizon line, sometimes hidden in forest, sometimes kissed by the blue seas. Created from living trees and stone and surrounded by thick walls the elven realms truly deserved the title as wonders of an age.
    For the First Born nature was more like a close companion than a means to an end so they never wished to modify it but rather gently maneuver and build around it. The result was a complex city that looked part of the mountains... like they were crafter so closely from the beginning you couldn't possibly tell where the stone ended and the wall began.

    In those days, the rule of elves was absolute. Their cities grazed the horizon line, sometimes hidden in forest, sometimes kissed by the blue seas. Created from living trees and stone and surrounded by thick walls the elven realms truly deserved the title of wonders.For the First Born, nature was more like a close companion than a means to an end, so they never wished to modify it but rather gently maneuver and build around it. The result was a complex construction that looked like it grew from the mountain... like they were crafted that way from the beginning and you couldn't possibly tell where the stone ended and the wall began.

    In one of those marvelous cities lived an elven princess by the name of Arwen. She did not have the great height of her mother nor the tallness of her father and with her 175cm she was quite shorter than any of her sibling but she inherited her mother deep blue eyes like a galloping river and her father's brown hair like the dying autumn leaves. Her tresses did not follow the elfin manner of falling in straight lines down her back but rather had a mind of its own and tumbled in gentle waves swayed by the autumn wind.
    You could not often find words to describe her beauty because in her greatness she was almost startling: the gentle light of her eyes captivated the viewer but the long thick lashes were long sinuous shadows that adorned her fair eyelids. A rather straight patrician nose adorned her face and her lips, small though but in a comely pink completed a rather enchanting tableau.

    Some might’ve called her too independent or spoiled but in those days the weather was inviting and the song of the birds encouraged anyone to come and enjoy the beauty of life, so this fair maiden often went in search of the new things to explore, to taste and see, to catch or just capture in a memory. She named her stallion Hiswe, like the gentle fog rolling on the hills at dawn, steady in her lapping waves, but deceiving about her true self. Hiswe was the only one who accompanied her on her daily journeys, despite of her father pestering that she should at least hunt to provide a meal.
    In her family opinion, she had certain duties she did her best to avoid. The stifling nature of her task did not care about her free spirit. The laws of the city were many in number and the dusty old parchments did not brought any joy, just like on this day when she gazed upon the horizon instead of the old ink across the yellowed paper.

    “Someday, I will be able to fill my eyes with the same wonder yours have", her father gently said from the doorway.
    “I am sorry, father, but the wonder of our world cannot be told in words. Such an abstract concept can’t be touched by bare hand and an empty mind.” A smile already danced upon her lips on her way up, already going to her parent to receive the customary embrace.

    “You sat here for hours, the sun is already setting and the night rises. Did you memorize some of the parchment opened on your desk?”The lenient question had more impact than yelling would’ve had. Arwen bowed her head, shame flushing her cheeks. She turned around gently, watching the opened window once again.
    “For all that I try my mind can’t be set on remembering so many things we naturally do. Why should someone tell us how to manage our lives? Of course we will patrol around the borders where our sheep are kept because the wolves are roaming around and of course that we will help the others in need and of course that we will....”
    A finger on her lips stopped her tirade.

    “Without rules and laws there will be chaos. We all once were born without any knowledge. But we have all this time on our disposal and the least we can do is learn. Laws are the guidelines for a proper conduct. To be respected, you must first respect. It is easier for someone to tell you the most important things you must do when you are young and you need guidance. We grow up knowing that our first duty is for our city, then for our family and only then we can think about us. A strong relationship is worth a lot more than all the treasures in the world.” His voice was deep and a little hoarse, like the tumbling of an old whiskey around ice cubes. He pronounced each word carefully, as if tasting it before saying it aloud, accentuating every aspect of them.
    “I understand that father, more than you think I do, but…” she huffed, trying to find the right words. She tried again “Sometimes... I think the main purpose of so many rules is to hinder our freedom and not to govern our lives in a more relative manner.”

    Her father sighed softly. Sometimes he seemed larger than life to Arwen. His imposing stature, his dark brown hair and soft green eyes were the elements that defined Ainion, king over all of Edhellond. He carried himself with a subtle air of nobility rather than pride, never raising his voice or laughing too loud; his quiet laugh wasn’t heard too often, but his eyes were always tender. Unlike her hair that touched her lower back, Ainion’s hair fell in rich strands to the middle of his back only.
    Her mother was the exact opposite of her father. Almost as tall as Ainion and lean like a willow, Vanya had platinum blond hair that tumbled in a silk waterfall on her back. She usually braided two small braids around her pointy ears to keep the fair from falling on her face or gather it in a similar fashion and that made her undefined turquoise-gray eyes look bigger than they were. A soft smile always graced her lips, her very presence radiating warmth and delight, but nevertheless the wisdom was always present in her demeanor like an aura around her. Her name her Vanya who meant beauty fit her better than anything else.

    She believed that her children should have suitable names so she name them Aran – King because her oldest child will someday be king in his father’s stead, Rovain meaning Most beautiful because she was like her mother in more ways than one with her sharp tongue and quick mind, then the twins Ara meaning dawn because of his presence was like the first light of dawn of a cold and dark winter night, blinding yet inviting and crisp and Arod which meant noble because his graceful presence was the opposite of his twin. Arod’s shy smile never faltered and his eyes never lost their kind light. And the youngest of all was Arwen which her mother named her hopefully Noble Maiden in hopes she will be like her brother, a harbor in the wake of any storm.

    Of Arod and Ara of all her sibling Arwen felt most attached to, not because they were the closest in age but because Arwen’s personality complemented Ara’s and was the opposite of Arod’s and since the twins were inseparably and Arwen followed Ara everywhere the three of them soon became a very tight knitted trio getting into troubles or trying to convince Arod to do so.

    Even now, after they were apparently grown up they would sneak sometimes to explore the wild forest and gaze at the whirling river that served as a border. They did not dare cross the river because of the words that they got whispered in small voices when the city streets would be clear and the moon hidden behind heavy clouds.
    Whispers saying that the elves are disappearing on lonely trips through the forest, whispers about deformed creatures with teeth as razor sharp, with flat noses on their reptilian faces and eyes so small and dark that they irises were stains of darkness. Could there really be such creatures roaming around their dear and pure forest? It seemed too impossible of an idea for Arwen that she refused to even voice her concerns in fear she would receive an unfavorable answer.
    Even now when she looked at her father’s imposing figure she dared not voice them. After all how can such thing exist when they didn’t have a name to give it, to know and to understand it?

    “Arwen…my child… this discussion I fear it will never be over as long as your young age will not lend you the encompassing mantle of wisdom. Enjoy the passing season and learn, my dear, because time is the best teacher you will have by far. Enjoy, try and experiment and leave your life follow its natural course.”
    Before she could answer in a rather undignified manner a small voice sounded in the doorway.

    “My liege…”
    They turned around and saw a young elf not old enough to visit the world outside the city walls stood there waiting for a sign his king had seen him. A young elf not much younger than Arwen was. She heard her father saying something but her attention was on the messenger. Was she so shy as well when she had been around his age? Was she so well behaved?

    “Arwen!” her father voice sounded a bit exasperated with her obvious lack of attention. “I am called. I must go now. See you at the evening meal childe.”
    She bowed her head demurely paying the respect her king deserved in public. She went to the door and listened for a few minutes for the fading footsteps to disappear and then went to her room and donned her riding clothes. If her father was busy she might get away with a long ride to the river. Too bad Ara and Arod were gone for a few weeks to visit their sister Rovain who recently got married with an elf from a neighboring city in the depths of the forest. She would’ve gone as well but her mother insisted that others will see her actions as a sign she was looking for a suitable partner as well seeing as she didn’t find any in her city.
    With an annoyed huff, frustrated by her lack freedom Arwen sneaked out of her bedroom and made her way to the stables. Every time she heard a noise she would duck under anything that could hide her from view thus getting into some interesting places: her mother’s favorite table that was already filled with plates ready to be served and later behind a bush when Vanya came, she had to roll over to a tree nearby when she realized her mother was having dinner with some friends and they wouldn’t leave soon, then she had to jump on a window and saw the silhouette behind the curtain too late and as those incidents were not enough she fell on her favorite bush of roses and got a rump full of thorns and bruises.

    “Ouch… oh no, I ruined my roses!” she exclaimed when she saw the damage done to the poor plants. The torn petals were already being scattered by the wind but unfortunately for her the thorns were still as sharp as her backside could attest.
    Dejected and a bit forlorn she made to continue her road to the stables and indeed all of those were forgotten when she saw her dear stallion Hiswe neighing impatiently, sensing her approach.

    “I am sorry beauty but I swear my father has eyes on the back of his head and can read my thoughts. Whenever I tried to escape he was there pilling my desk with more nonsense about the meaning of life and the role of laws in governing us.” She shuddered delicately at the thought of a lifetime doing those things all over again, trapped in four walls.

    “But I am here now, Grey Cloud. We can now ride the winds till we ran out of strength and cuddle against the last ray of the sun waiting for our shining light to appear on the night sky.”

    With one last pat on his head and one more sugar cube smuggled into Hiswe’s hungry mouth, she straddled him and guided him on the streets and safely out of the city without being seen. Sneaking out on her two own feet was a small feat compared to guiding a large animal like her stallion, but Hiswe knew and trusted her so there were no noticeable incidents except of the stone that fell right in the middle of her forehead when stationed under a wall.

    Being in no better mood now then she was a few hours ago and still rubbing her forehead and muttering, Arwen guided Hiswe into a full-out gallop.
    Feeling the wind cresting her hair, the sun blazing its live giving warmth on her face and the million of creatures around creating a perfect symphony of life… no greater pleasure could exist for her. It captivated her so much that she didn’t realized Hiswe was slowing down, huffing and puffing like his less noble relative, the donkey. But the reality was setting in… even his energy wasn’t infinite and his reserves were quickly dropping.

    “Hush….it’s okay, Hiswe, my grey cloud. We will go to the river for some water and we will rest a bit there. “She petted his sweat matted fur and guided him into a nearby clearing by the river. It was a favorite place of hers, with the sun streaming between large oak leaves leaving playful patterns on the ground. The bees were happily buzzing in the air jumping from flower to flower to gather precious pollen. Various butterflies in all the hues of the rainbow flew around in graceful circles around small animals which completed the bucolic landscape.

    Arwen led her horse to the water and went down to her knees to gather some water in her hands. She drank her fill and was about to wash her face from the dust of the road when a pitiful moan was heard from the other side of the river. She looked around. The sky was clear, the animals did not run so what could it be? Surely not something bad, she thought fearful. But it was not wise to linger around when the cause of the sound could not be found and she should be home before…
    And then… she saw it… on the other side of the river, partially hidden in tall grass, was a man… deep grooves ran all over his naked back and his long jet black hair was matted with blood. His skin was different, rough looking and cracked in some places. Also, he seemed so dark… like he took the shadows around him and blended with them with rust and olive leaves and created a new color, a color that was all him.

    End of chapter 1
    To be continued

    And as bonus, here is Arwen ( the elf, not our wenny )

    Now that this is done.... and (gollum voice ) and never look back! Smeagol is free!

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      That bad missy she is... Now everyone will think she is an angel.

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     ana :andry: I did read your comments And I can't stop laughing

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     i think she just read them

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    Default re: (Non-MM) Original Story - Exception Of Rules - (Ongoing)

    Have your weekend surprise a bit earlier... next update... heck , I don't know when it is....

    She hesitated for minutes before springing into action. In spite of her fears, she couldn’t bear to leave one of her kind lying around in pools of their own blood. The forest had dangers lying around every tree: predators with long fangs, still dripping of their victim’s blood, small ants that tried to rip your flesh with their tiny appendages, snakes that would lie into tall grass in search of their new meals.
    But despite her desire to help the fallen man, the river was a very difficult to overcame barrier. If it were not for the river Edhellond would stretch its territory long over the forest waiting on the other side of the river but why tempt faith when the actual border was easily defendable and almost impossible to cross?

    The currents were fast and ran too deep to attempt to cross them swimming so she went around trying to find a spot where the water would be gentler and slower. Hiswe wanted to follow but she deterred him with caresses and assurances that she will be fine without his assistance.

    If her memory wouldn’t fail her there should be a place where the water didn’t run higher than one’s waist and the currents were mostly stopped by a small barrier of rocks and wood gathered there by otters. But there was always the danger that the barrier would fail overrun by the currents.

    After a good thirty minutes walk she finally found the place she remembered. The improvised dam still stood tall but in a very apparent precarious equilibrium. The wood was mostly overcome with moss and algae and from time to time a stray rock or a small branch would tumble from the dam.

    Arwen crossed the river with great care one small step at a time keeping her eyes all the time on the natural barrier who kept the currents away forgetting thusly about the slippery rocks that adorned the bottom of the river.
    “Almost there… I am almost there… Only a few steps more till the shore and… ouch! “

    Her rump got the second fall of the day when it became an intimate acquaintance with the very rocks Arwen had forgotten about. Rubbing her sore bottom she got up cursing leisurely anything from the soft sole of her ridding boots to the river and “all those damn rocks whose only purpose is to prevent honest people to help those in need”.

    Her walk was a now a bit hitched and her previously light pace lost a bit of its grace. Unfortunately the long walk did nothing good for her limping and till she reached the injured man all her good mood was now forgotten and in its place a darker mood reigned over her.

    Arwen stopped suddenly a few meters from the still unconscious man. Ranting in her mind about the faith, and odds she didn’t realized she came so close to him. Suddenly she was overwhelmed with fear and uncertainty. Who was this stranger? How did he end up here? And most importantly, what could have caused all those wounds on his body?

    A low moan startled her of her reverie. The man seemed to awaken, his opening eyes betraying his condition. She tried to approach him as quietly as possible. Step by step the distance between them decreased until only a few steps were separating them and making up her mind, she closed the distance until she could touch him and gently shake his arm to make her presence known while breaking the silence.

    "Excuse me, sir...are you well?“

    Fast as coiling snakes he encompassed her arms in steel like binding. Considering the state of his body, his strength was unbelievable.
    “Are they here?”His voice was hoarse when he spoke, unused and rusty. He had a thick accent betrayed a rougher language.

    She could see bruises rising on her pale skin already, but his grip was still firm. With every passing second his expression was taking the shape of a rising storm, dark and dangerous, and deep frowning lines on his forehead reminded her of tall mountains in the middle of the a tumultuous sea.

    Fascinated by the sudden change and unable to tear her eyes away, Arwen studied the man in front of her with interest.
    What she couldn’t see from a distance was that his eyes were as dark as his hair, pools of ebony with sliver of dark maroon in them. He was tall and well built and his muscles well defined, with jagged scars all over his arms, chest, shoulders and abdomen. She couldn’t see his back but she doubted it would be any different.

    Of all things the most amazing was his beard. Only really old elves had facial hair and most of them had taken up the habit of shaving. Not that they were that many anyway.

    On one his arms he had a curious looking black lines which didn’t appear to be either natural or a scar. Indeed, the surface of those marks appeared flawless, but the skin around it was raised a bit. Later, she would find out that the lines were formed in a pattern the stranger called a “tattoo”. Nearby that tattoo he had a wound still fresh and dripping blood. Bruises adorned his half naked body but the only thing he was apparently interested was “them”.

    "Would you look a that! My, my... how pretty you are.... Did they break you in yet? Taught you how to please a man with your body? I have no doubt many have fought for a chance to warm your thighs at night.” His voice was deeper, an insinuating tone leering in his words.

    “Beast! Let go of me! I have no idea of what you are talking about! Who are they? You were alone when I saw you on the other side of the river!” On a contrast her voice was getting shriller and higher by the moment. She tried to pry free her arms frantically but the man wouldn’t budge. In fact all her efforts amounted to a tiny smile that appeared on his lips
    “It’s been a while since I had dealt with an innocent or a pretend innocent. I think I shall have my fun with you before they get here. No doubt they are nearby. Well, let’s give them a show.” *

    With that, he pulled Arwen closer to him and sealed their mouths in a searing kiss. For a moment she was stunned. No one else dared approach in her in such a way and no one else had kissed her. The bittersweet flavor that was all him invaded her senses and for a few moments she let it go and surrendered to his assault. New sensations flooded her body leaving her disoriented in a maelstrom of feelings. Till now she hadn’t realized what it means to be kissed and a new world opened in front of her eyes. All the kisses she witnessed were done in the intimacy of a bedroom, where no one can see. But she’d been fascinated by the act and often sought to see even a glimpse of kisses her parents so lovingly shared when they were alone in the throne room after everyone had gone away for the day.

    But nothing had prepared her for this. This was not a kind, loving or gentle kiss. This was rough and demanding, a take no prisoners kiss.
    The faint fragrance of wormwood and mint enveloped her and for some unknown reasons she liked all those forbidden thoughts of further debauchery and decadent feelings even though she had no clear idea what was supposed to happen next. She wanted to touch him, to imprint in her brain rough texture of his skin...

    Then she felt a coarse hand running up her thigh and remembered where she was and more importantly who was the person kissing her and lifting her skirt and she renewed her struggles.

    Since her arms weren't his main focus now, she had the element of surprise on her side. With surprisingly little strength she was able to push him aside and free herself from his grasp. Released, she took few hastily steps away from him and away from all those disturbing things she shouldn’t think or feel.

    Her assailant was on the ground groaning softly and fresh blood was pooling around his left leg. Arwen realized then that underneath the ragged pants the leg looked bent in an awkward angle.

    Uncertain of what to do she just stood there starring at the man.

    “So, why haven’t they come out yet? They like to prolong my suffering?”

    “How many times do I have to tell you before your small brain can understand that I know nothing of the ones you keep rambling about? I am Arwen, daughter of Ainion and Vanya, king and queen of Edhellond on whose eastern border you are nearby now.”

    Silence fell. The stranger looked at her incredulously with his eyes slightly widened. “So were on elven land? I had not realized I had come this far. But I very much doubt elves” he said the name as it was the foulest insult that could ever exist and continued “will meddle in something that doesn’t concern them. Did you see a black stallion?”

    “I hadn’t seen any horse around except mine. You can see my Hiswe on the other side of the river. Oh, and now that we establish you can speak an introduction would be really nice and the gesture much appreciated.”

    End of chapter 2
    To be continued

    Dude guy pic:

    Don't mind me...
    Shady is now and

    P.s. I'm open to constructive criticism, opinions and questions so feel free to reply here via comment or site reply

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     they're from 2 different authors... Arwen is a real victoria secret model and i can give u the DA link for the dude.

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     I would appreciate that veeeeery much..

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     I want the next chaper... pliiiiiiiiiis

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     Next chapter today or tomorrow... i promise

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    Default re: (Non-MM) Original Story - Exception Of Rules - (Ongoing)

    First of all, I must thank my new beta. She worked hard and corrected some errors in the previous chapter as well. Unfortunately, she prefers to remain anonymous as well so I can’t give you her name.
    What’s wrong with u guys? working so hard and you want no words of thank u?

    Oh well, anyway… here is chapter 3. The real plot begins now and the surprises will come one after another. The pace is quickening a bit as well but I’m sure u’ll notice.

    Now I can give more details about the story without spoilers.
    This novel, story, whatever is not about a love story only. Notice the only.
    Romance will not be the central part of it, but rather the response of a whole race to a danger they just realized or at this time, yet to realize.

    Also, I realized that many of you could really understand Arwen or dude aka Krogan. So try to imagine this: Arwen lives in a world where the most dangerous thing that could ever happen is to meet a bear or a wolf, but since elves are too damn agile and fast, the danger isn’t really there. A discussion with her parents was worse than this. She didn’t see any pain, suffering or injured people until Krogan.

    The Elves are not subject to disease or physical aging, though they could be killed by violence or by wasting away and losing the will to live. They were otherwise essentially immortal – so no normal elf would consider Krogan’s state as natural. It was a shock, something unseen so far, something unconceivable.
    And here enters Krogan… he used to be in the same situation as Arwen until “the incident”. No worries, no pain until then. Now, he is caught between two worlds and two selves: the carefree elf or the beast he was becoming.
    It isn’t pretty, it isn’t romantic and for sure it isn’t easy.

    One more thing: most of us are tempted to think Arwen and Krogan are somewhere in the range of 20-30 year old. Wrong. Arwen is at least 50 year old since 50 is the age when elves are considered mature enough. Notice the enough. At 20, they are a bit more than children - including physical aspect. And then comes the immortal part… Krogan could be somewhere between a few hundred or a few thousands year old. For him, Arwen is nothing more than a small child, not old enough to think for herself. Also, the elf use time as a relative matter, not absolute. Legolas himself says once that he saw the leaves falling more than 500 times and he did not realize the world has changed.

    Also, their height... depending on the city they came from they could be somewhere around 170-210 cm tall. Or even more. That’s 7 ft for the those who use the ft system.

    And that's just a prelude to see just how different elves are.

    Now, the chapter you all awaited.....

    The stranger looked intently at her with those sly obsidian eyes and said nothing at all for minutes. Then, with a huff and no small amount of profanities muttered under his breath, he yielded.
    “I am called Kogran. And we can also establish” he heavily accentuated the word ”that I am being followed by bastards whose only purpose is to kill me. So if you have no intention of helping you’d better run home and cry on your mother’s lap. Or you can help me since you are here anyway. Unless you wish to stay here and wait for your death. Far from me to stop you then.”
    “That’s all? No undying gratitude and promises you will repay me? No threats you will kill me if I don’t help you?” Arwen knew she shouldn’t let herself be goaded into it but her patience was reaching the limit.
    “Don’t worry girl… they will kill you for me.”
    Then it dawned to her… if he was being followed by gruesome creatures because surely, no elf would do such awful things like murder… If he was indeed being pursued… well, that meant they could appear any moment now. Her eyes were wide with fear now and his words affected her deeply.
    Crossing the river would take too much time; time she wasn’t sure she had. Even if she tried, their progress would be slow because in spite of her inborn elven strength it was no easy feat to half carry a well built male like him. Arwen tried to find a viable solution but there was none.

    Krogan watched the myriad of feelings playing in her eyes. Her face was very expressive and open and he could guess what she was thinking. He could see her going from understanding to fear, judging by the widening of her eyes and the slight tremble of her body, and then finally to despair when she set her mouth in a grim line.
    He didn’t know if he should trust this airheaded child but she didn’t appear to be a scout for them. First of all she smelled of flowers. He grimaced trying to remember when was the last time he saw a flower. He could only remember the perpetual darkness and the ever present heavy clouds of smoke. The air was filled with a stale smell and the sickly sweet scent of decay, unwashed bodies and other things he’d rather not think about. They made their home in a network of caves and passages carved in rock where the sun never shone and the winds were absent. The stifling heat, the countless hours of digging stone or bending metal to make weapons and the lack of food would make anyone desperate enough.
    Harsh life affected them in other ways then just physically. Those who were longer in "the Dome" became crueler and took great pleasure in “breaking in” new faces that were brought every day.
    He needed a name for his nightmare, so he named the caves “The Dome” in a fit of bitter sarcasm. Living there was such a hardship many didn't survive, and it wasn't anything easier even for Krogan who was considered a “prized asset of their community”. Of course, he had his share of punishment and torture, just to “keep him in line”. After a few years his body was almost numb to pain and even now his wounds didn’t really bother him. But in the beginning…well, that was a completely different story.
    But he was resilient and lucky and soon discovered that he was one of the rare few whose skin didn’t lose all color and whose feature weren’t that deformed. He could still pass as a decent elf, if a bit odd, and in that lay all his value. They needed a bait to attract unsuspicious elves and capture them unharmed to replenish their numbers. Unfortunately, the few women that had been caught had died shortly after in caves... or fortunately since they were used for other “duties” as well as the usual amount of work.

    When he found out what they were planning to use him for he resisted. He fought and cursed them but in the end they were too many. They beat him and threw his unconscious body in the middle of a well traveled path. Five elves tried to help him. Three of them died in a matter of minutes because they fought back. The other two… let’s just say that they wished they died as well.

    Meanwhile Arwen was going through an internal struggle of her own. Go alone and run or help the injured stranger and risk being caught. She kept analyzing problem from every angle, but even if the danger was high… she just couldn’t abandon one in need. She straightened her back as if steeling herself for what was to come.
    “I… I will help you. There is a cave on the other side of the river where you can hide for a while. If you can walk, there are bushes of berries nearby and a small creek where animals go. Can you walk?”
    Krogan was surprised. He thought for sure she will leave him to his faith. He knew he would in her situation. But he didn’t know the terrain around and that cave sounded like a really good idea. Plus, the damn blood loss was making him dizzy. He needed her.

    “I can walk if you support me.”
    Arwen approached slowly not yet trusting his new found benevolence. To her surprise he made no sudden moves and even tried his best to help her. He put his left arm around her neck and they slowly began the walk to the cave. It was taking longer than she expected and she could see how Krogan’s paleness intensified with every step. After they crossed the river (this time with no incidents) they stopped for a bit to tend to his wounds. The back wounds were no real threats; most of them were healing nicely but the leg was a real problem. The bone was fractured and there was also a large wound on his thigh that was red and swollen. It didn’t look infected yet, but that was a question of time.
    Oh, well she couldn’t do anything more than sacrifice the sleeve of her dress and improvise a bandage to wrap his leg. After that they got up and continued their trip.

    The cave was nothing like the Dome caves. First of all, it was not in the depth of the mountain but at the base of it, so the climbing wasn’t difficult. The cavernous place was also bigger than Krogan expected. After a narrow entry it was a lot more spacious. It also had some natural light but rain couldn't reach far inside. To his further surprise, there were also a few animal skins thrown together to form a bedding and even some light clothes and cloaks. Some cooking utensils and a few empty waterskins were arranged on the opposite wall in a pile.
    Arwen let him go as soon as they got inside looking slightly out of breath. Krogan limped to the back and sat down using the wall as a support. Then he turned around and looked at his savior with raised eyebrow.

    “My brothers and I used to come here when we were children. After we grew up we stopped because our duties are keeping us busy. Fortunately for you I am the only one who still has time to visit the forest for a stroll.” She turned her head away, unsure of what to say or do next. Krogan still watched her every move with an intensity that was almost scary.

    “I…. he started. I… thank you for your help.” The words tasted bitter in his mouth. He’d rather not need any help at all, but his current situation demanded it. His pride suffered a bigger blow than his body and he couldn’t help wondering what price this strange girl would ask. Favors did not come for free; it's a lesson he learned the hard way.

    Arwen looked at him surprised but pleased nonetheless. She already gave up any hope that her “protégée” (and the thought almost made her smile) would be civil anytime in the near future. He was still wary of her- his stiff posture was saying that much- but he seemed too mellowed down now.
    “You’re very gracious but I couldn’t bear the thought of simply abandoning an injured man just like that. Speaking of injuries I should go and bring some water and some berries to eat. I remember there were some bushes of healing plants nearby; I should try my luck and see if I can find them.”

    Krogan seemed to ponder a bit but finally he asked:
    “Can you hunt a rabbit or two as well? It’s been a while since I had anything to eat and my stomach might not be as accommodating as you.”
    If the girl was surprised by his request she didn’t show it. Instead she nodded and rummaged through a pile nearby till she found a bow and some arrows. After that she left without any word leaving Krogan alone with his thoughts.

    By the time Arwen got back the sun was beginning to set down but she had managed to get most of the things they needed: a significant amount of berries, two reasonably large rabbits and even a few fish she caught with her bare hands, a good supply of athelas for his wound and she even filled two large waterskins. But she felt safer now. She went to check Hiswe as well and her faithful mount had waited for her in the clearing.

    With Hiswe left in a nearby meadow the only thing left was to gather some branches for fire, but she was reluctant to enter the cave even though her hands were full.

    She thought about his name... Krogan… it was definitely not an ordinary name and it sounded too rough to be elven. The only other species she knew about was the humans but they did not have the great height of an elf or the pointy ears like he had. But then again, no kin of hers had that dark skin tone or his rough manner of speaking.

    Only one could answer her questions. And he lay not even fifty meters away from her. Heartened with new determination she made the final steps.

    It was getting darker inside the cave so she needed a few seconds to adjust to the lack of light. Krogan was lying on the furs looking slightly better and asleep. But even in his sleep he heard her steps and woke up startled. He made no comment on his behavior and Arwen didn’t ask for one even though she thought it was odd. She just put the food down and went for the firewood. She didn't need to look far 'cause in a forest there were always fallen branches and the dry moss one needed for a hearty fire.

    Krogan looked on the floor and saw the pile Arwen had brought. It contained fish and two rabbits and in some wrap that looked like the girl’s other sleeve it was a mix of wild berries and some kind of weed that looked familiar. He looked around for some kind of knife to gut the rabbits but his inquiry had no success. Oh well, he could only hope his “host” had such an item.

    “Are you sure it’s a good idea to move around like that?”Arwen’s voice came from the entry. She had load of branches and some dried moss on top. “I suppose you were looking for this?” she pointed to a dagger in her hand. The handle was made of a dark mahogany wood polished till it shone, with a thick gold band around the top and a few golden leaves around as a decoration. Blade was curved like any other elven weapon, encased in a leather sheath with gold motifs. It was a weapon worthy of a princess and he longed to have his own weapons as well.

    “Actually yes, that’s what I needed.” It was getting easier to speak and his voice sounded steadier and less hoarse. He looked at the dagger challenging her with his gaze alone.

    Arwen took a few steps closer to him and put the firewood down near the earlier bundle.
    “I’m pretty sure it’s not the best idea to give you a weapon but since one of us needs to prepare the food while the other starts the fire it seems I have no choice. I’d rather not deal with blood and scales if I have a choice. But we need to dress your wound first.”
    “We can do it while we wait for the food to be done. It’s no hurry.”

    She looked confused wondering how he could stand with injury so severe. Arod had broken his leg when he was younger and he yelled and cried until the healer came. To have a bad wound on top of a fracture must’ve caused an immense pain but except the occasional grimace Krogan didn’t say anything about it.

    “Aren’t you in pain? The wound might not bleed anymore but I’m sure it hurts. And the bone must be set properly for it to heal.”
    “I put the bone back while you were gone and improvised a splint for it. It can wait a little bit. It looks worse than it actually is.”
    Indeed she realized that his left leg was stiff and bulkier than the right one. She tried to imagine the agony of setting the bone right but she didn’t know any pain greater than the occasional fall.

    Arwen finally conceded and gave up her dagger sullenly. She started the fire and after some time Krogan joined her with the skinned rabbits and the fish. They speared hunks of meat and the fish and put them to roast.

    They waited in silence for their meal to be done. It wasn’t uncomfortable but rather calming. They were lost in their thoughts until Arwen decided to ask timidly:
    “You said you were being followed. Do you know who they are?”
    Krogan looked lost for a second and then, with a sigh, he tried to answer as truthfully as possible:

    “The ones they will come after me...The ones you will see... they have neither gentle features nor the perfect symmetry of an elfin figure. Their noses have long since flattened and their ears have been cut round or sharpened for decades now. Their bones were broken and twisted too many times and the whip is the only thing that touched their skin in years, except the knives kicks and other inventive punishments when they are not moving fast enough.”

    He was watching as she shivered and he couldn't help thinking it was a shame to shred the veil of ignorance around her. Doing this held no pleasure for him and it reminded him too much of them but it were necessary in his opinion.

    Maybe this way she will see the error of her ways and realize that the monsters she thought was just a scary tale live under the same sky and breathe the same air as she. A little cautiousness wouldn’t be bad at all. Rescuing injured strangers was a dangerous thing to do in these times.

    “They will be hundreds in number, all starving for a bit of juicy flesh to sink their teeth into. Oh, and their teeth? Did I tell you about them? Sharpened by the dry meat they honed to be like daggers cutting into you. Their skin has long lost its creamy complexion you still have. The sun is not their friend but their bitter enemy. They crawl in the shadows, devouring any living thing they might find, no matter if it is a rat, worm, elves or others of them.

    They will either capture you and take you to their camp, Arwen, daughter of Ainion and Vanya, king and queen of Edhellond, and you pray for death if they do, or they will sink their blunt swords into your flesh and then you will be dead. I’d wager it’s a tough decision, isn't it?”

    Arwen’s trembling became more acute now when the understanding sank deep. The creatures of nightmares were real. With a shaky voice she asked: “Do they… do they have a name?”

    “So you’ve decided to confront your fears and name them?” He felt a little pride at this. Scared but yet standing her ground. “Urqui, Yrch, Rakhâs, Gorgûn… take your pick. All of them mean the same thing. They are known the best as orcs. Less of an elven mouthful that way.
    And I was to become one of them.”

    End of chapter 3
    To be continued

    So... review, comment, like and do whatever else there is to do. I'm waiting. I'll be waiting.

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     great stuff. update as soon as possible please! <3

    16:35, 19th Feb 2014

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     shade ♥ I've been away for some days and was hopeing u had posted more of your story waiting for the next chaper

    22:53, 9th Mar 2014

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     SHADE I want moooooore please?

    20:18, 28th Mar 2014

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     sorry hon, my editor is a bit busy right now and didn't correct the new chapter

    21:47, 28th Mar 2014

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     can't u post it without the edit? we just want the story, it's not so important with the edit

    21:51, 28th Mar 2014

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    Default Re: (Non-MM) Original Story - Exception Of Rules - (Ongoing)

    They stared at each other for what it seemed hours. Arwen couldn’t believe that this man; this stranger she helped was once a part of such ill-sounding group. She got up and started pacing around the fire in a perfect circle. For a very long time her chaotic thoughts wouldn’t let her form any coherent reply. The possibilities were limitless. Was he with them on his own accord? Is he…? Arwen looked at Krogan… really looked at him. She noticed his skin color.... It was so different from hers, dried and hardened. Even his hair seemed coarser, not the smooth silk tresses like elves had. The nose showed signs of being broke at least once and it was a bit crooked. His fingers ended up in long nails shaped to resemble talons (you don't need sharp- talons are sharp by default) and it looked wickedly dangereous, enough to kill effortlessly. There was so many ugly bruises all over his body that she could have count on her fingers few patches of light, untouched skin..
    Such violence suggested his unwillingness to cooperate. But it can also mean that he got those wound from someone who was defending himself. She raised her hands to gods above as if she was asking for enlightenment and patience.
    Krogan followed her every move without blinking. He smirked when he realized that his savior may be not so bad after all. She was so open about everything. Well, everything except kisses. She seemed quite shy about those. His mind got back to that moment and he remembered her face, how vulnerable she looked. Maybe that was even her kiss... Too bad he was still so hell-bent about orcs and didn’t realize that they were alone. He would’ve been gentler with her and tried not to scare her so much.
    Even now, after she helped him, Krogan had trouble acting … civil with her. People were never good to him without a reason or asking something in return. Words of gratitude weighted a ton on his tongue and his teeth clenched when he was trying to speak them aloud, but with her... they did not have the same bitter flavor as they usually did.
    But he refused to think of painful memories when his life seemed to have taken a turn for the best, this child granting him unwittingly his greatest desire: his freedom.
    This prissy princess…. She doesn't realize that she lived a sheltered life. She had a large and loving family, friends to rely on and servants to cater for her needs. The food was tasteful and plenty, the wine rich and never absent from the table. The rain did not left her shivering from the cold and weary for days, the sun did not burn her skin when she did not have any shelter. She acted like she is a wild rose, with sharp thorns and fragrant petals brilliant with color, but she was just a greenhouse rose- groomed to look pretty, but her scent was dull and her thorns blunt.
    He wondered what will tomorrow bring. His wounds were starting to get numb and the pain was almost bearable which was a real blessing. He forgot how good freedom felt. Against his common sense, he even began to relax a little.
    “It’s getting dark.” The words pulled him from his reverie. Arwen was standing at the cave’s entry. She looked… tired and weary.
    “I should probably go”, she continued. “My parents will notice my absence soon enough if they haven't already. It was never my intention to be gone for so long.” She turned around, sighing softly. “I can’t imagine these things you claim… I simply don’t know what to say…
    She nodded toward wall. "All your necessities for the next few days are here.”
    “Are you running away? Or you simply cannot stay any longer?” Krogan’s question was met with a heavy silence.
    Arwen head hung low and her shoulders dropped. Even she didn’t know the answer to this.
    In the end, she chose not to answer at all, and with slight bow of her head, she simply left without a word.
    She looked around for Hiswe and had a mild panic attack when she couldn’t see him. Then, she heard a familiar neigh from the direction of the small groove and she relaxed. Hiswe didn’t go too far after all.
    Ride home was eventless. Hiswe was playful, weather was lovely... but Arwen didn’t see any of that. Her mind was full of questions and doubts. Even after she got home she couldn’t focus enough to watch her steps and nearly run in several walls. She even forgot that her riding clothes will rise more than a few eyebrows and will reach her parents’ ears before long.
    She just wanted to get to her room and have a long bath. The dinner was still a couple of hours away so she had time.
    “Wen! Where were you?”
    A crystalline voice scared her. She turned around only to realize that she couldn’t see her caller face. The dark had grown too thick for it. Dinner was closer than she thought. “Goodbye, long awaited bath” she thought with dismay.
    “If I didn’t know you better I thought you’re in love!” the same sing-song voice continued with gleeful delight.
    That voice… Arwen tried hard to place it. She knew that voice.
    The figure took a step forward and indeed, there she was.
    Her cousin Thalia.
    Her smile was bigger then ever making her look lovelier than Arwen remembered. Her hair cascaded down her back in curls of such a light blond that they seemed to glow in a dusk of the room. With her large blue eyes always full of wonder and sparkle, Thalia was a sweet elf with gentle nature and tendency to be the peacemaker which made her an invaluable diplomat. Underneath her soft demeanour though, laid a sharp intellect and a mischievousness rarely seen. She may have been younger than Arwen but Arwen knew who was wiser.
    Others thought Thalia was just an air-headed girl, little more than pretty furniture with decorative purposes only.
    “Appearances fool a lot of people” thought Arwen sourly. When she first saw her wayward cousin they were still clutching their mothers’ skirts while hiding from strangers. The shyness was genuine in her case, but Thalia seemed a bit too inquisitive for such a small child. She also took a bit too much joy in every time Arwen’s parents chastened their daughter. Who would believe that little minx was just as guilty for their childish pranks? Even if she was to tell Vanya about all Thalia’s deeds, her mother would not believe her. Thalia – Lia – was too much of a saint for such an “improper behavior”. So, if you can’t fight them… join them.
    Naturally, it was the start of a beautiful friendship. It marked their childhood with rich adventures and lots of incidents and accidents. Life with Lia never stopped being an adventure filled with strange events though all the onlookers would swear that Thalia was the quintessence of a proper and polite young lady.
    Arwen sighed. She never knew when would this particular blond whirlwind appear or when she will be gone. She wasn't sure if she should be grateful or concerned about the fact that she was here now. But Lia was capable to charm even the stones and find a sworn protector in every person she met, so Arwen had a little choice in matter.
    “So… are you not going to tell me where you hid for so many hours? It doesn’t seem it was a pleasant staying, though. You smell… rank.” Thalia tilted her head a bit to the left, searching for more clues. The sleeves of Arwen's clothes were gone, torn apart from what little she could see. The skirt was damp and ripped in more than one place, the boots muddy and scratched. If she didn’t know better she could swear Wen was having a…
    “What’s his name?”
    Her cousin’s surprised look was more than enough for her. Oh well, kids grow up so quickly. “Spill it. Is he tall, dark and dangerous? Or is he tall, blond and gorgeous?” Tall, blond and gorgeous with startling yellow eyes and an imposing figure larger than life who… She shaked her head and almost sighed but stopped at the last moment. Arwen wasn’t the best at reading body language, but even she could tell that such behavior wasn’t normal for her. She stopped showing every emotion long ago. After all, inhibited feelings were the surest way to an early and not necessarily painless death.
    Arwen huffed, annoyed at being so easily caught.
    “Go kiss a pig” she exclaimed ruefully.
    “I’ll leave that honor to you. After all, it’s your future husband, not mine”.
    “Sorry, but I won’t be able to invite you at our wedding. Even pigs have standards.”
    “Only in your dreams! After all, the pig has married you!”
    “Why… you!”
    Thalia ran, chased by her cousin until they reached Arwen’s room. Once inside she grabbed the first thing she could- a pillow- and threw it at Arwen when she entered the room. After an all out pillow battle and several laughing bouts they collapsed to the floor, still giggling.
    “You should really take a bath” Thalia said when she could finally speak.
    Arwen sniffed her hands a bit and grimaced. She really did smell bad.
    “My parents will want us to join them for dinner soon. I’m not sure I have time.” Arwen sighed. Some days weren’t worth the effort gettingt up from bed and so far this proved to be one of them.
    Lia tilted her head to the side and replied in her sing song voice:
    “Normally that would be the case, but since your poor dear cousin came all the way here to visit her beloved relatives, you must keep her company. But to be honest, it’s just a ruse to cover your absence.”
    “You’re not going to eat with us?”Arwen asked surprised. She had never seen Lia turning down the food. Maybe because she always eat those honey and fruit cookies all day long.
    “Nope. I’m gonna go to bed. I’d hug you but…. I really like this dress.” With a swift move she dodged the pillow Arwen threw at her and closed the door with a chuckle. Some things never change.

    Thalia followed the corridor to her room and dropped to the bed. It was a cool evening and the setting sun did nothing to warm her room. Even the walls were cold as she caressed them on her way to the balcony. She sat down on the divan and couldn’t help but close her eye and think about him. Just like she did every night since Ides festival…

    "The horizon is really beautiful tonight", Thalia thought as she admired the last rays of the dying sun. The autumn sky was breathtaking with his rich, warm colors; fire and blood and warmth mixed together. Her hunter would be there soon, at the same place as the night before and the night before that one.
    The myriad of hues reminded Thalia of his hair: dark gold and bronze, chestnut and sand, every fallen leaf from dark red to pale brown, all mixed into a symphony. Honestly, she was a little jealous. Any woman and not a few men would kill for such a hair. She chastised herself. She should be grateful for inheriting her mother’s ash blond hair, a rarity among elves.
    She didn't even finish that thought, she realized that her hunter would always be the most beautiful elf for her, no matter what. She regretted that they weren’t formally introduced to each other. That way, she could’ve manage to see him more often, to talk with him, to… but the deed was now done. Her parents’ encouragements to visit her cousin finally wore her down. This was the last night she would see him and that made her sad.. Stars, he would not even know she existed.
    Thalia knew what her parents wished, what they all wished. A wedding between her and any of her cousins would solidify a desired alliance and would get her a prince at least, maybe even a future king. She scoffed. She was a princess in her own right, what need she should have for one more useless title?
    She was neither the oldest nor the youngest of her siblings. Everything about her seemed average: the height, the color of her eyes. Nothing remarkable about her except her unusual hair color. Or so she thought.
    Even if she pried herself with her quick mind, she lacked the vanity to see that the envy around her was not for her social standing, but for her beauty.
    A rustle distracted her from her dark thoughts. The hunter was here. Tall, stockier than the normal willowy silhouettes of the elves, with blond hair and golden eyes, the man was a sight for the sore eyes. Every evening he stood on the same balcony for an hour just looking at the rising stars.
    Even with all her inquires she wasn’t able to find out who he was. Thalia asked her parents but they only told her he was a visiting guest. Her siblings gave her no satisfying answer as well. She even questioned the kitchen maids but with all the giggling she couldn’t understand a thing, except for the fact that the stranger was a lord.
    Frustrated and depressed, she did the only thing she could think of: borrow her sister’s room and hide behind a column to observe him. The hiding place wasn’t perfect but she could at least admire him in silence. She had done so for more than a month now.
    She named him “Hunter” after a few days because “Lord” seemed too impersonal. Every time she saw him outside the small universe of the balcony, in every of those rare occasions he was always armed to teeth, with a long bow strapped to his back and two wicked hunting knives. So the nickname stuck.
    “Just a bit more". Thalia thought “and then I will leave.” Lingering would not do her any good. Tomorrow… tomorrow she will leave for Edhellond and she might not return. The tradition stated that a wife should stay with her husband.
    She took one more longing glance at the stranger and she was so surprised that she dropped the wine cup she was holding.
    The hunter wasn’t watching the sky anymore. He was watching her…

    I'll just leave this here...

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     Hunter..... <3

    16:24, 29th Mar 2014

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     I totally agree with bd.. Hunter ♥♥♥

    17:53, 29th Mar 2014

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     Thank uuuuuuu for posting again, shade ♥ I have sooo been waiting for it ♥ I loved it ♥

    17:54, 29th Mar 2014

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     Interesting, any chance that you do write more or post another chapters since this story was started last year?

    14:35, 31st Dec 2015

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