so this is just a thread containing the beginnings of tales that circle within my mind endlessly (literally they have no end i have only beginnings!!!) and so i put it out there in the hopes someone may find inspiration and finish my untold stories.....or not

Centuries ago, when the earth was young and the world still believed in magic, Selkies would rise from the depths of the sea to walk among man.

Creatures of magic, they were revered by the people as gods and goddesses. For tales have it that Selkies were able to take the form of a human…..from that of a seal. They possessed power over the very winds and waves, could tame the wildest beasts…… and some say could know your most intimate thoughts.

But alas, the times soon changed, and Selkies faded from the land, like the early morning mist with the dawning of the sun.

They became the threads of myths and legends, a haunting fragment of the truth, remembered only by the few wizened men and women that still believed in the very essence of magic.

Realm of the enchanted

There is a wall across our lands that only the blessed few can see, it is the divider of our realm from that of the enchanted.

Few are the people that may travel from our realm into theirs, but alas in reverse it does not hold the same power. Some say it responds to the blood that flows through our veins, that it can sense the essence of magic that winds its way through our body.

However, few people from our realm possess the blood, and so you may pass the wall and feel only a shimmer of the air for the slightest of moments.

But……there are tales of men and women passing to the other side that seem to vanish, never to be heard from again.


Some say vampires were made, others say they were a race of humans cursed by the goddess of the moon for their impudence, but, the truth if far different from what the legends have told.

In ancient times, when magic ruled the minds of the people, daemons freely roamed the earth, taking the souls of those they coveted. However, a young daemon lord on his first foray into the world of humans met a young witch named Fiora blessed with improbable beauty. How he coveted her soul, lusting after the purity of her nature, but she was strong for one so young and placed an enchantment upon herself such that her soul may remain her own.

The daemon Dracu refusing to relinquish his desire, lingered around her determined to somehow attain what he so desired. Soon fate seemed to intervene for as the winters passed and the daemon continued to return to her, love begun to blossom where only tragedy should have. But the love between a daemon and a human is forbidden by the very rules of nature and their love was doomed for all eternity.

Though years had passed, the fear of discovery overshadowed their time together, for they knew it would not be long until they were discovered. Alas their fears proved true, and the ancient lords of the daemon realm descended upon their tranquil haven. Fortunately not all were against them, and they received warning of their doomed fate, but what little advantage they had, soon was exhausted for like the hounds of hell the daemon lords never faltered in their pursuit.

Unexpectedly while on the run Fiora fell ill with an unknown ailment, fevers and chills raked her body and nausea stirred unendingly within her, slowly she began to weaken and it was only through a dream that she realized the truth……

Life bloomed within her, and for a moment ecstasy so great filled her depths, but then the reality of their plight crashed down upon her and her soul cried out in despair. The utter desolation of her soul called out to Dracu and so it was, that with a dawning look of horror he found out the truth. That night as the sun began to peak above the ridges of the distant mountains bathing them in the watery light of dawn, they parted amidst tearful lamentation parting for what they both knew would be forever, for Dracu was determined that their child should live, an expression of their everlasting love and so as to delay their pursuers and give their child what chance remained, he stood fast in preparation for the fight that would most certainly claim his life. He watched with determination, eyes shadowed by sorrow as Fiora with a last lingering glance of love and regret, disappeared from sight. And so he turned to face the path that fate had wrought.

It was that which the daemon lords came upon, a crazed daemon of the realm. The fight raged endlessly or so it seemed as the air rang with the cries of battle,.............yup it just petered off ryt there