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    Star Member's Help Corner :luvluv:

    We are proud of our wonderful site
    And we try to keep it as organized as possible so it's easy for you to find the book you are looking for!
    Hope u all love this place too

    U do, u say? That's wonderful
    And u would like to help us keep is neat and clean?
    Now there is a way to do that

    This thread will be a place members can tell about :

    • Double posts
    • Wrong in the title (spelling mistakes etc)
    • No cover/invisible cover*
    • Wrong book link

    and other mistakes that are made in a thread/post

    (If you want to tell about a thread without a cover, it will be such a huuuge help if u find the cover, upload and post it here together with your link to the thread)

    Give a comment on what's wrong with the thread..
    (Like if a title don't have the name/number of a series, write what the correct title is)

    We are a team who try to fix these things, but from time to time, a thread slips through our fingers
    And we have some old book-threads that are still not fixed after we tweeked on a few of our posting rules.
    If u want to help out in the work of finding these threads, just post it here and we will take care of it
    U can see for yourself if we have fixed it - cause we will use the system:
    we click the "thanx button" when we fixed the issue

    Thank u all for making this a wonderful place


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    Default Re: Member's Help Corner :luvluv:

    Missing letter in series name on these threads. It should be "Operation"

    Missing the letter "r"

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    Default Re: Member's Help Corner :luvluv:

    would you mind adding new links from my update to the original post, please? TIA

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    Default Re: Member's Help Corner :luvluv:

    This thread needs to be fixed. Its book four in the series and its not released until May. Also there is only one Secrets in the title.
    Romeo Alexander - Secrets Secrets (Greenford 3) | April 2021 | Epub

    If any of links are dead please send me a PM with a link to the thread and i will post new link ASAP,

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