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Thread: Kiss of Death

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    Default Kiss of Death

    Kiss Of Death

    If your life meant my death

    Would I give you every breath?
    Leave the life I held so dear
    Succumb to the endless fear
    Would I take away your pain?
    And let my life slowly wane
    Would you kiss away my tears?
    As I wallow in my fears
    I ask you love me like I never knew
    Give me pleasures that were few
    Please hold me in my last
    I’ll forget about the past
    So my death, for your life
    Please forget about the strife
    I’ll sign away my fears
    Give away all my tears
    Love you like you never knew
    Give you pleasures not so few
    So take away my breath
    I’m ready for the kiss of death

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      another nice poem a little bit sad but i like it

    20:58, 31st Jul 2015

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      Thanx Tropics

    21:07, 31st Jul 2015

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