Robert, driving the latest BMW was pulled over by a patrol officer at a road block.
"Congratulations, said the cop, "because you are wearing your seat belt you have won $600 in the public safety competition".
Robert could hardly believe his luck!!
"What are you going to do with your cash?" asked the traffic cop.
I'm going to get a driver's licence". Robert answered.
"Aauw, Please Sir don't listen to him Sir" yelled Frank in the passenger seat. "He always tries to be smart when he is drunk.
With all the noise Peter woke up in the back seat. He took one look at the cop and moaned. "Yoh! Guys - I told you, stealing the BMW was a a bad, bad idea!! We should have taken the Red Mazda but you guys are always cleva".
At that moment there was a knock from the boot and Pedro's voice said: "Are we over the border yet?"
Then the cop said "Okay my brothers. How are we sharing this $600?