I Am Not Perfect

I know I am not perfect,
yet everyone tries to convict me.

I do not know who I truly am,
yet everyone says they do.

I know I am the quiet one with something to say,
yet I am forced into the darkness.

I try to speak my mind like everyone else,
yet no one ever listens.

I know I am not perfect,
yet no one ever sees my flaws.

I do not know right from wrong,
yet that is just part of being human.

I want to be long forgotten,
yet I am always found.

I try to relive the past,
yet nightmares always resurface.

I know I am not perfect,
yet everyone claims to be perfect.

Unfortunately, I know no one is really perfect...

Because God created everyone equally and everyone is beautiful in their own way,
so don't sit there and tell me that I am perfect when I know that I am not perfect...

**P.S. I wrote this poem wayy back when I was still a teen as you can tell by the original date.
No I did not steal this from a Wattpadian. (If you find it on that website.) That is my profile. I just felt like sharing it on here.
I used to be so angry at the world, haha. ^^;;**