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    Default Is there another publisher going down???

    The Case Dreamspinner Press!

    Who follows authors on social media might have noticed grumbling about Dreamspinner not paying and authors taking their rights back... here some Excerpts from Authors.

    the next one is puzzling and I have no clue who this Garrett character is - I can't see post they talk about

    in similar line is this

    and one that was too long to do snip

    Rj Scott23 hrs
    My post about DSP yesterday blew up. The reason I posted it was because authors I am personal friends with began posting pictures with the tag line *If you don't know the whole truth, shut up* about DSP.

    These authors, people I respect, seem to think that authors posting their truths about what has happened to them is what is destroying DSP.

    No. DSP is destroying DSP. And if these authors that posted know something that other authors don't, then they should be bloody sharing — shame on DSP.

    All I can think is that they are being paid, while others aren't? After all, DSP would want to reward the ones who stay with them? Right?

    I don't blame ANYONE for staying with DSP - it's an individual's choice, and we all make business decisions based on what we know and what we need at that moment.

    Hell, when Silver began to go tits up, I didn't want anyone to share the news - because I KNEW I would lose money - over $60,000 of it. That fear lasted a week, and then the writing was on the wall, and I shared everywhere, as did others. BUT, we were accused of lying about how much we were owed. We were gaslighted into feeling guilty. We'd abandoned our fellow authors.

    I know how this works from first-hand experience.

    It sucks.

    * * * * *

    And to illustrate the most significant thing here, a made-up example to show the extent of the issue:

    Author A is a BIG NAME AUTHOR and regularly brings in a profit of $25,000 a quarter to DSP - this is after DSPs 50% take of the income. The other 50% of the revenue is sent to Author A.

    Because Author A earns this much money, it covers the EDITING costs and COVER ART costs and the ADMIN COSTS of not only Author A's books, but also allows DSP to take on maybe thirty new and untested authors. They have profit they can use to nurture new talent.

    Not only do they have Author A, but they have B, C, D - Z, etc... their turnover is TREMENDOUS, and at one point DSP had $1,000,000 in reserve as Elizabeth used to be happy enough to confirm to anyone that asked.

    Because of various *reasons* DSP alienated Author A, and maybe Author D, and K, and M, and those authors left DSP, many to independently publish. Abruptly that is $100,000 a quarter that DSP has lost. Does it change DSP much? No, they still have remaining BIG NAME AUTHORS who can generate income.

    Then DSP begins to ____ up. Not paying people, investing in things they shouldn't to beat KU, using what should have been saved monies to cover the overstretching.

    So, BIG NAME AUTHORS B, C, E, F, G, H and so on see the writing on the wall, and they too, leave DSP.

    Abruptly DSP has lost more quarterly income, say in the region of a quarter of a million? Who knows.

    But, believe it, their income and thus what they owe authors every quarter COULD WELL BE THAT BIG. We're not talking a couple of hundred dollars that they owe out each quarter, we are talking a million, more, even more maybe? Who knows.

    So, meanwhile, who is left at DSP? Maybe ten BIG NAME AUTHORS and an army of smaller name authors who are published through DSP's investments.

    The people left now remain to cover:

    1. The royalties they have earned being paid to them promptly
    2. The royalties of the small named authors who might not even have broken even and covered their art/editing costs etc
    3. Admin, Marketing, staff, cover art, editing... costs
    4. Historical royalties that DSP owe could run into the hundreds of thousands.

    Tell me how a company that lost their bank (allegedly - a couple of years ago - the first of the excuses) because they publish MM, can now get a loan big enough to cover everything?

    Tell me how a publisher can enter a 7-year ACX contract on audio when they only have a five-year contract themselves on rights? Tell me how they are outsourcing file creation, editing, translations, audio - what exactly do they do for the poor authors?

    Tell me I have this wrong? Explain to me that all the *truths* authors spoke yesterday can be dismissed as slander or lies?

    I don't even know what I'm owed this quarter because I haven't as yet signed up to their new-fangled Box account that will solve everything, or give my life details to Tipalti (or whatever it's called) - it's probably $50 max. I'm calling that a write-off because I can. Others aren't lucky like me, and can't write a single dollar off at all.

    But don't accuse anyone of lying when they have only shared their truths. It doesn't wash.

    By the way, if you've made it this far, I have a bad day so far, and news in real life isn't helping with the low level of ____s I have to give today. What this community needs is for DSP to come out with more than half-truths and vague promises. We need specifics. How much do they owe in back royalties? How do they plan to play authors? They won't tell us, and so we don't know. But we certainly won't shut up.

    Love and peace, RJ

    Help us solve the case by telling
    us what you know or think.
    Is Dreamspinner going down?

    (btw: there are still enough other publisher ->
    here )

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     Frankly, I don't care anymore we have this site, and we can find the books we want here, wherever the source they came from

    10:09, 16th Aug 2019

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     right hish

    11:35, 16th Aug 2019

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     Hish ...very true...I was suspecting the same thing. I think it's Garrett Leigh, since she started self publishing all of her books including the ones from Dreamspinner Press.

    12:22, 16th Aug 2019

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