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    Default Help Corner Thread!... :dhc:

    Hi Folks
    Welcome to the new HELP CORNER THREAD.

    To those who are used to this thread, same rules apply.
    To those who have no idea what this is, please read the following:

    We value all our members' opinions here on this forum, and we value your help, time and effort the most.
    We will greatly appreciate it if everyone can help us mods with manning all the thread/book information in our forum's collections.

    So this thread is for posting all those inconsistencies you see in threads that don’t have anything to do with dead links.

    Please be so kind and let us know in reply to this thread if you see:

    • Wrong/misspelled title of thread (something wrong with author, title of book, series, year of publish or format
    • Duplicate post
    • Something posted in wrong section/subsection
    • Alt links that need adding (for OP only)
    • Wrong blurb
    • Wrong or missing cover
    • Wrong book in link (this can also be reported using the report button)

    If you have any questions, suggestions or need clarifications, please contact any mod.

    Thank you so much!

    Thank you Wild_Rose , green_elf & Destiny for the help!

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    Default Re: Help Corner Thread!... :dhc:
    FilesFM is still working, but i've added some alt links - could you please move them to the original post? TIA

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