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    Star (MM/MF) Original Story - Missing Chances - (Ongoing)

    So this is some of Hisham's on-going stories that some of you maybe have read on sb
    I just copied and paste... and Hisham did under the stress of all us ladies (and a boy) giving
    comments during his writing

    Ok - I don't have the first stories, but I will paste here the ones that I did copy..

    It was supposed to be a "under the sheets" story but now I have my doubts...

    I remember it stared with Susan who was heartbroken.. went to a nude beach (!!) alone,
    and was rescued by a dashing man (yes, I do read Jane Austen )

    Remember to thank hisham

    No. I

    Susan sat at the patio of her beach house with her diary in her hands
    the thoughts kept spinning inside her head , she began to write ......
    i couldn't forget and didn't even try to
    because i know my self i will not have the power to do so
    and every time i try forget u i remember u more vividly
    i promised my self and swore to my heart over a 100 times
    that i'll not think of u no matter what'll happen
    and not 1 of those promises i fulfilled
    every time i see someone , i see ur features on his face
    my heart is confusing me , is it with me against u ? or is it against me ?
    every time i remember u , i become mad at my self , and in the same time i become mad at my self if i forget for even a little while .....
    Susan closed her diary roughly and said to her self : no Tom i'll be able to , i'll be able to forget u and move on ....... end of Promo

    No. II

    at 9 pm , Tom stood in front the window of his condo
    he kept thinking about the worst day of his life , the day he made the choice to break up with Susan ......
    he cut himself abruptly and sighed : ( what's done is done, there no use of thinking about it . i wish u a happy life Susan ).
    (yeah ? ) snorted a voice inside his head
    ( once upon a time there was someone who cared about u )
    once upon a time there was a tenderness inside that someone's heart who took care of u
    and u and ur heart are all alone now ....
    that person gave u her heart and u tossed it away like it was some disgusting piece of meet no matter what was the excuses u'v made
    there' nothing on Earth that will make forget her , now u regret what have u done ? pffft taste the same wine u made her drink
    Tom hugged himself tightly and suddenly it became hard to breath ....... End of promo 2

    No. III

    Susan lay on the bed with Lucas , her mouth hovering near his ...
    she began to kiss his jaw with a feathery weight kisses till she reached his nick
    she began to bite and suck his nick playfully
    and playing with his earlobe .....
    Lucas became more and more aroused with his earlobe being played with
    she slid her hand to his chest and reached for his nipple and started pinching it
    Lucas said with a husky voice : Susan if u keep doing that , it will be over soon ...
    Susan grabbed his nick with both hands and began choking him

    she said with a deadly tone : why didn't u save me huh? ....... i'll never forgive u for it
    Lucas woke suddenly , shaking and his sweat covering his body and the sheets ... yeah there is some damp sheets are made from the fear swear . end of p #3

    No. IV

    Tom sat in restaurant with his friends , they did every tuesday a night of standup to share thought and poetry
    (hello everyone , this one called u walked away )
    said the man at mike
    (i'm here calling for u , assure me , how have u been )
    (i'm here at the same place , feeling jaded ,it's been so long )
    (u walked away and i left my heart with u )
    (i haven't any idea how to forget u , i even breath ur love and and everything within me , i left with u )
    i haven't any idea how to forget u , i even breath ur love and and everything within me , i left with u )
    (i'm here calling for u , assure me , how have u been)
    thank u very much , said the man
    while the audience was clapping , tom slid out and headed for a dark corner
    e began to sob then (i'm sorry .... i'm so sorry ).....end sneak peak

    No. V

    8 months ago .....
    Susan sat quiet for a long time , then she said :
    so this is it ? u r going to end it just like this ? like u r some child with a toy and u tossed it aside when u got bored ? Susan asked incredulously.
    Tom looked at her with so much calm inside him , she was about to choke the life out of him
    Tom said : we r like the tips of two mountains , Susan , we'll never connect , i hope u'll have a nice life . then he stormed out of her house
    present day .........
    Susan ? SUSAN? shouted Lucas
    Susan came to her self again and asked him : hmmm did u said something ?
    Lucas : i asked u where do u live ? i'll walk u to u house
    Susan: oh yes sorry . i live at the corner of this street .
    she was confused why she had this memory at this moment ?
    maybe because she was staring at Lucas's eyes and found her self making comparison with Tom's eyes
    maybe because Tom eyes color was blue like a sea at a sunny day , and tom's was gray like a cloudy day
    they began to walk slowly to the house
    Lucas : so what brings u here is it a vacation or do u live here ?
    Susan : i wasn't sure , month ago i thought it was a vacation and after a week i decided to move here permanently , i just bought the house and moved my stuff into it
    Lucas : wow , i guess u love this place so much , u left ur old life quickly and moved like this * he snapped his fingers *
    he laughed to himself quietly , wow what a nice voice thought Susan
    Susan : i guess i needed a fresh start i had some savings and i don't use them , so i said to my self why not * she shrugged *
    Lucas : a fresh start ? hmmm don't all we need one sometimes ? *he sighed to himself*

    To be continued... (by hisham.. on sb.. )

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    Default re: (MM/MF) Original Story - Missing Chances - (Ongoing)

    Ep #4

    Lucas and Susan started walking trough the beach to her house .

    Lucas was apparently lost in his thoughts , he was gazing at the sea with sad eyes," what is he thinking of is diffidently bothering him " , Susan mused .

    "is there something wrong ? " .
    " oh ? nothing , i was just thinking if you face a something or someone from the past and was causing u so much pain , maybe it will be easier if u confront it with coldness or at least with indifference " .
    Susan was startled at the sudden grim thought " is what u r going through causing u pain like mine ? ". but all what she said to him was:

    "hmm .... sometimes it's the best way to cover the pain but i don't think it will make it away "

    Lucas sighed and looked at her with an embarrassed smile "yeah...... i think u r right , i guess it will not make it away "

    after they reached her house , she turned to face him and kept thinking if what she was about to do was a good idea . after all

    "do want to get inside and have something to drink ? "
    "i don't think it's a good idea cause i have to work early tomorrow and i need some sleep but let's repeat this date on Friday and i'll think of getting *after date drink* " he said wriggling his eyebrows

    "oh ? yeah sure sure it was a nice date , let's do it again "
    Lucas laughed at her blushing face , he leaned an kissed her quick but full kiss on her mouth and whispered to er ear " now i can't wait to my *after date drink " he stood up again and said "good night Susan"
    "good night Lucas"

    Susan reached her front door and searched for her keys to open it

    "hello Susan" said a voice behind her , a voice she knew well enough to recognize it anywhere .

    "now will be a good time to apply Lucas's theory"

    she turned to the voice owner and with blank face she said " what r u doing here Tom? ".

    End of Ep 4

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    Default re: (MM/MF) Original Story - Missing Chances - (Ongoing)

    Hish finally decided to write chapter about my ship.

    Here is Josh/Lucas:

    Lucas was laying back on the bed in the hot summer night and looking at Josh's sleeping face,
    he was stroking his cheek with the back of his finger , when he got a message on his phone
    "i'm so sorry Lucas, but something important came up suddenly and i can't meet u tomorrow , rain check ok ?
    It was from Josh
    ".......wth? was his phone stolen or what ?"
    He turned to face josh but it wasn't josh's anymore, it was the sleeping body of his late husband.
    he turned to Lucas and flashed him a smile that made him cold to the bones
    "u know Luke ? i still haven't forgiven u for what you did to me."
    Lucas flinched from it and looked at his husband's forehead to see it was bleeding and there was blood coming down from his mouth too
    Lucas woke, gasping and struggling to get back the air into his lungs again
    yes ...... it's time to find a solution for his nightmares ....... end of promo

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    Default re: (MM/MF) Original Story - Missing Chances - (Ongoing)

    Season finale

    Susan handed Tom the coffee and sat on chair next to him . They sat in awkward silence till Tom broke it
    " Nice house "Tom said looking in every direction but Susan's

    "Cut the crap tom. what r u doing here ? "
    Tom looked at her startled , after a long silence he just said " i missed u" .
    Susan lift one eyebrow and said smirking " really? wow..... that is ..... i don't know what to say . really "
    "am i supposed to throw my self at u , kissing your feet and thanking every cosmic power for making u realise that u miss me ? "
    Tom tried to open his mouth to reply to her ,but Susan just lift one hand to shut him up .
    "save it Tom , i'm gonna say what i had to say that night but i didn't have cause u left suddenly .
    u could have fought little harder for us . it was the expected but i realised we were just delusion , A fantasy
    i'm sorry for what i have to say Tom , but you r coward . I'm not gonna ask you about your reasons cause asking time is over. why would i confront u ?don't worry about it Tom really . let your conscience be relieved.
    people these days people break other's hearts like it's the most ordinary thing in the world ."
    She looked at him then and smiled a cold smile " Besides , we know all the stories endings "
    Susan walked to the door and opened it for Tom " Have a nice life Tom , but don't show ur face to me ever again , i'm moving on just like u did ."
    Tom kept sitting on the chair and his eyes to the ground .
    "come on Tom i don't have all night "
    Tom looked at her then with his blurry eyes and said " i was having chemotherapy"
    Susan just closed the door .....................

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